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Can an MP3 File Cure Your Insomnia

Insomnia. I’m not sure there’s anything more frustrating.

“This Powerful Tool Can Cure Your Insomnia”

The endless staring at the ceiling. That desperate waiting for slumber to finally kick in. The feeling of immense tiredness throughout the next day.

But such sleep problems may be a thing of the past, if the claims of a new scientific audio program are to be believed.

The Sleep Salon is a new audio program, designed to help eliminate sleeping problems by tapping into the power of the mind. It uses special sounds to help influence brainwave patterns, taking the brain from being wide awake and lulling it gently into a deep, relaxing sleep.

The program is supposed to be based on over 100 years of brainwave research.

The science is pretty simple. Your brain emits a mild electrical frequency, which can be measured using an EEG machine. They call these ‘brainwaves’, and different brainwave frequencies mean that you’re in different states of mind. So, as you’re reading this, you’re likely consciously alert and attentive, and so your brainwaves should be operating in the Beta (12-30 Hz) frequency. However when you’re asleep, brainwaves dip down to the Delta (0.1-4 Hz) frequency. And yes, this is all common knowledge in the science world.

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The Sleep Salon taps into this, by capitalizing on a physics phenomenon known as “entrainment.” When you strike one tuning fork and hold another next to it, the second starts resonating at the same frequency. It’s the same with the brain: when exposed to a certain frequency, the brain ‘copies’ that frequency. The sessions inside the Sleep Salon all contain special ‘encoded’ frequencies. When the brain ‘hears’ these frequencies, it copies them — taking your brain down from the wide-awake Beta frequency down to deep-sleep Delta.

To put it even simpler: listen to these simple MP3 audio files — and you’ll fall asleep.

The science is all explained simply on the company’s website. It’s no-frills approach to marketing is refreshing. Simple and stylish, without clutter and excess fluff.

As insomnia reaches epidemic levels in the United States, the negative effects are now becoming more well-known. Irritability. Reduced mental functioning. Hallucinations. Weakened immune system. Risk of diabetes and heart disease. Growth suppression. Obesity. And the list goes on.

I’ll be honest with you. Over the years, I’ve tried everything to overcome my sleeping problems. I’ve experimented with dozens of similar “brainwave” programs. I’ve taken melatonin on a near-nightly basis. I found myself at different times addicted to Nytol and Zopiclone.

For me, there’s pretty much no doubt about it. Quite simply, nothing has given the same results as I’ve found with the Sleep Salon.

If you suffer from any kind of sleeping issues — from occasional sleeplessness to chronic insomnia — then I urge you to try out the Sleep Salon for yourself. You can do so risk-free, too: every copy comes with a full, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Incredibly powerful, simple to use, and actually works!

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